At Vista Video, we never forget whose event it is - yours. This means we don't hit you up for payment at your Reception. It means we don't leave at 10 p.m. because you only bought the "Gold" package. Don't laugh. We've seen it done. We don't offer "Packages". That's marketing gobbledy-gook - designed solely to up-sell you. Instead, we simply do the job right - the way it should be done. Every time.

We use 3 Certified Professional Videographers at every wedding. It's not an extra. It's simply the best way to effectively and artistically capture a wedding. It's the only way we do things.

Can’t decide between a Journalistic or Cinematic Style production? No problem. We do both. We understand your desire to have all the sights and sounds of your entire Ceremony captured, but “simply recording” isn’t enough. In fact, our style of filming and editing has evolved into artistically and seamlessly integrating both Journalistic styling as well as Cinematic effects. All our Brides and Grooms have literally been thrilled with our final productions. No exceptions. We have definitely made a strong impression with Rochester, NY area wedding clients and professional service providers with our obvious commitment to both technical and artistic excellence.

Contact Sue for a free personal consultation about your exciting wedding and how we can be of service to you. And remember, according to the WEVA Nationwide Survey of Brides:

After the wedding, Professional Videographers are the most valued service;

while before the wedding, we are often the last service considered…